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Hey mom…I didn’t mean to..but…


TMobile Prepaid Disclosure

“Hey mom…I didn’t mean to…but…”  If you are the mother of a tween, teen or kid in college you’ve probably heard this statement before.  Our son, a freshman at Bowie State University is notorious for going over his monthly phone data plan, and he blames the school for it’s unreliable Wi-Fi.  However, even before leaving home he often had the same problem, so the time has come to make a change to a more affordable, reliable and a Simply Prepaid™ plan.


With the introduction of Simply Prepaid™ from T-Mobile switching plans will not only help us save money, which can be used for books or laundry, it will also provide him with the services he needs; unlimited talk and text plus 4G LTE and all of this for only $40 a month. Also with the T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ plan there is no contract to sign and it’s pay as you go.

My son needs quarters


Last week, I drove to our local Walmart to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Avant and two (2) months of the T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ plan.  Now when he comes home for Spring Break he’ll find these on his desk and he’ll be able to transfer all of his contacts as well as check his monthly balances with the ability to reload it with ease.

Simply Prepaid™

Simply Prepaid™

T-Mobile’s Simply Prepaid™ is not only great for kids who are away at college, but it also helps the busy family on the go.  For just $40 dollars a month you get 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text to stay in touch with the kids after school, after practice, or when they are heading out with friends. 

Check out this short video which shows how T-Mobile’s Simply Prepaid Plan can help your family stay connected.

  • Get Unlimited talk, text, and data with your choice of a high-speed data amount(*with a max speed of 8Mbps) starting at $40/month
  • On T-Mobile’s Nationwide 4G LTE Network
  • No overages, credit check, or annual service contract required

Unfortunately, the wireless industry has decided prepaid customers should have to settle for less because of how they choose to pay, and oftentimes prepaid plans have slow data, a spotty network, and second rate phones or a less of a selection of phones.

Fortunately, with Simply Prepaid™ you’ll get 4G LTE data on T-Mobile and you won’t have to settle for second-rate prepaid wireless plan, you get the best in wireless, in a prepaid plan.

Now that I’ve got Malik squared away the next step is finding other ways in which to save as we plan for a summer vacation.

How will you be saving for your family’s vacation this year?

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  • Sonya K says:

    We use a pre-paid service and we like it a lot. It saves us a lot vs. having a contract service.

  • Stacie says:

    I’ve seen a lot of bloggers promoting this prepaid plan. It’s good because I use prepaid and need a new phone so I may look into this.

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Stacie, yes, it going to work for Malik because he is always running out of data and it’s costly when you go over the plan. I hope all is well on your side of the world.

  • This looks awesome and would be what I would prob go with if I ever left Replubic Wireless. At moment with what I have as long as I agree to run my phone mostly off wi fi. I have unlimted everything for only $20 a month. When on a call if my wi fi drops( or I am driving etc) it simply falls back on Sprints old 3g towers with no extra charge! Its been great so far.

  • I remember when I was in high school and my dad gave me a cell phone and I ran up that bill to $600!!!! He then gave me a prepaid phone which worked out for us better. I currently have T-Mobile now and enjoy their service. #ProductReviewParty

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      oh…you sound like Malik and I was mad at Verizon because they knew kids would be downloading apps and no one told us how to block them! I got my money back though! Great story, and glad you now have a prepaid plan.

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