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Can Blogging Break Up a Marriage

You do remember how innocently it all started out.  At first you were just writing a few hobby posts every week no big deal, a time filler just having fun.  Then you started getting followers who began to comment and so you started to take blogging a little more seriously.  Your audience was growing and so was your attention to them…your virtual family and friends.

blogging as a hobby

Perhaps after a few months you started to get the kids involved, asking them to pose and then asking hubby to take pictures of you with them in the store, the park or at the beach.  He reluctantly obliged but never understood why he nor the kids could eat anything that was on the platter before you took a picture trying to capture the perfect “Hero Shot”.  You set the table with fancy utensils, napkins, flowers and props for the blog post telling the family to dish out their meal from the pots sitting on the stove.


Then you start doing sponsored posts, sometimes getting a few hundred dollars deposited into your Paypal account or getting free products that the kids could use and free tickets to an event or for a weekend getaway that hubby enjoyed.

You became obsessed with seeking bigger pay days signing up for even more sponsored posts.  You take pictures at sunrise, at sunset, in the rain and snow while on vacation and sometimes even at work.  Selfies are taken in department store dressing rooms and out on the floor, with every purchase becoming part of an OOTD post and using hashtags for even more recognition.  sunset-home-office-working-with-laptop-on-the-garden-picjumbo-com

You’re signing up at even more blogging community sites, submitting pitches for product reviews and adding more and more to your content calendar.  Your photography skills are improving and your posting dates outnumber doctor and dental appointments highlighted on the family’s calendar.  You become more selfish with your time especially if you also have a job outside of the home.


You can’t go anywhere without taking pictures and you began to schedule and attend events only if they are  opportunities for a blog post including the kid’s school field trips.  Leaving your business cards everywhere, on the grocery store and church bulletin boards, on the counters at the local liquor stores and blogging becomes more of an obsession.

sleep apnea

After homework with the kids and dinner with the family, hubby heads to bed while you toil away on your laptop until the wee hours of the morning.  Your sex life begins to wane because hubby can’t keep his eyes open until all hours of the night as you edit and re-edit the perfect post.

woman working in bed

Every shopping experience turns into an opportunity to promote a new product or service and you are proud to admit that you are a blogger with a major following on all your social media platforms.  An expert in the field either as a Lifestyle Blogger, Foodie Blogger, Travel Blogger or Blogger Blogger.

You are constantly reading Social Media Examiner, other blogs, joining link parties, upping your video game and enjoying every moment of it, however, hubby has been put on the back burner and your relationship is strained.   woman-shopping

He doesn’t understand why you have to attend a blogging event every week and why you can’t just sit and watch television without your Laptop or Smartphone, constantly checking Facebook stats, Twitter and Google Analytics.   checking Facebook and Twitter on an iPad

You want him to understand and you need him to know that blogging has become part of your life and you want him to become a part of it as well…but will he ever?

Are you allowing your virtual life to overtake your real life…and will blogging break up your marriage?


  • Very good article…balance is so hard sometimes and sometimes we just lose it.

  • Great post!! I say NO. Many women get tangled up in the financial aspects of blogging and it is just like any other job, except your earnings depend solely on you and there is no end of yr bonus to rely on.

    • DelBlogger says:

      Yes, I haven’t had a large enough pay day to make up for my day job so I make sure to keep everything in perspective. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • Darlene says:

    It all boils down to balance. Blogging is just like any other job or business and requires good work-home life balance. Spending quality time with family is just as important as building a successful blog as a main source of income. One is financial well-being , the other is emotional well-being. It’s vital to find the right balance.

    • DelBlogger says:

      So true and I think as women we often have to balance and juggle so many balls that it becomes second nature, and thankfully we are pretty good at doing it too. Thanks Darlene, I appreciate the input.

  • Mari says:

    Ha! great title interesting points. For that same reason is why I have approached my writing in a passion filled way and not money way. I write when I feel like it and I schedule writing events around my life not other way around. I don’t care to have loads of Ads on my page or pop ups irritating my readers. When Blogging becomes a chore and not fun its time to go. Nothing should interfere in your intimate connections and memory building.

    • DelBlogger says:

      Mari, thanks. I understand and appreciate your passion for writing and understand that there is no way to put a monetary value on it. Therefore, making memories and making whoopie should always come first,when you are happy, there will always be something to share!

  • I’m lucky to have a very understanding husband, but we also set up boundaries in the very beginning. I’m pretty private about most of my private life and I take the time to make him happy. I watch TV with him and then when he goes to sleep I work.

    • A. Blake says:

      Rena, that is why marriage should always be a partnership both of give and take, so that both sides are on the same playing field. After the games are over…then the work begins – thanks for sharing sis!

  • melmcdona says:

    Great post! It’s so true! Hard to put it down sometimes!

    • DelBlogger says:

      Thank you, yes, we have all been there which is why I keep notebooks in the bathroom, on the nightstand and in the car because when an idea pops into my head – I have to write it down, then come back to it later.

  • DelBlogger says:

    Rena, that is why marriage should always be a partnership both of give and take, so that both sides are on the same playing field. After the games are over…then the work begins – thanks for sharing sis!

  • Hey girl. Great post! I can so relate. I feel the pain of a lot of these mentions in the past. But really no more. I have let my blogging go it seems. We have had so much happening in our family that needed attention so I have “had” to let my blog go. I now only do it when I can. It is not where I would love it to be yet because of that but I believe by putting my family first that is way more important than what I have to say on the web about a place or thing etc etc.

  • kim says:

    I know my marriage is stronger than this, but we did just have a conversation about how often I’m online. Most think blogging is just writing and hitting publish when we all know it’s not. It’s more than that but I do secretly wish it would go back to being simple again.

    • DelBlogger says:

      Yes Kim you and me both and it’s funny because it was a thought that popped into my head while driving to work one day. Blogging is fun but very time consuming and we have to make an effort to not allow it to over consume our lives.

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