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Aug 21

Preserve Your Memories with YesVideo

This review & giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and YesVideo. I received the featured service free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.   Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world. For me, the countdown is on with Malik leaving for Bowie State University on Wednesday, and the …

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Jan 07

Are you Serious ~ The Holidays Are Over Already?

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday Can you believe that it was just a week ago today when we were preparing for New Year’s festivities and the week before that Christmas – are you serious – the holidays are over already? As I sit writing this post the snow is falling with a vengeance for what is to be …

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Dec 30

Merry Christmas Monday

Hello Friends and Happy Monday I trust you all had a wonderful weekend and I know most of you are still on holiday which probably made it even better.  Did you hit the stores and do a little more shopping or did you just stay home and relax?   I went back to work on …

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Dec 26

Dress for Less on NYE

Hello Friends and Happy Kwanzaa! I trust you all had an enjoyable and peaceful Christmas and that you received everything you wanted. Today is the first day of Kwanzaa and the first principle is Umoja or “Unity”.  As you go about your day I ask that you spread a little kindness with a smile or a simple “how …

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Dec 24

Tree Trimming Toddies

Hello Friends Merry Christmas Eve! Do you remember the days when we would decorate and trim the tree on Christmas Eve, then we started the weekend after Thanksgiving, then moved it up to Thanksgiving night, and now it’s like what…the day after Halloween? If you are a regular follower of mine then you know that …

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Dec 23

Last Minute Shopping at The “W”

‘Twas 4 days before Christmas and all through the house not a gift was purchased…no not one…nothing even wrapped.  Was I in a panic…no, not me…no mall trip to navigate no whoa is me!  I jumped in the Sonata and drove down the street, parked and got out and entered the big “V”…oh I mean …

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Dec 17

Festive Holiday Sweater Party for A Good Cause with Goodwill

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday Can you believe that there are only 8 days until Christmas? Considering I haven’t started decorating or even shopped it’s definitely going by way too fast for me, I really need to get on the ball. How about you, have you finished shopping and decorating?  Are you baking and cooking …

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Nov 03

Minted.com Personalized Holiday Cards

 This is a sponsored post for Minted.com, for more information please read my Disclosure Statement located in the top tab.  Hello Friends and Happy Sunday, I hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep!  Now we can talk about the holidays? My grandmother loved to write and send out greeting cards, she would buy them …

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Dec 18

OOTD – Tired Tuesday

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday Normally I am positive and upbeat but today I feel zapped – my energy level is low and the high anticipation of Christmas and New Years has waned – I AM TIRED!  It’s because of all the death and destruction around us…from Hurricane Sandy to the massacres at Sandy Hook …

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Dec 12

Happy 12-12-12

There are so many interpretations for today, 12 12 12, but only one fact ~ none of us will be alive to see another repeating-number-date! I’ve read that the number 12 is prominent, 12 is a number of universal imports seen in our culture; 12 hours of the day, 12 months of the year, 12 in …

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