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Weight Loss and Menopause

WOW – I can’t believe that I am still struggling with weight loss and menopause!


The Freshman 15 is nothing compared to the Menopause 20! In college I could skip a meal and lose 5 pounds, now if I look at a piece of bread I gain 5 pounds.

The Personal Summers were handled with portable fans and cotton clothing;

The absence of menses was happily welcomed and handled;

The dryness was handled with personal lubricants like K-Y® YOURS+MINE , Poise and a patient hubby;

The mood swings were handled with red wine Moscato and an understanding family

The weight gain is NOT BEING HANDLED WELL



A woman’s body is constantly going through changes, some of them good, others not so much. I’m in the 4th 5th year of menopause and was handling it well until the extra pounds began to increase my body mass index (BMI). Initially I blamed it on the stress of caring for my grandmother before her death in 2009; then I blamed it on kicking a 30-year smoking habit; then on the snow storm of 2010, and the chips I ate while watching the flakes fall. Next it was the long commute, 3 hours a day back and forth to work. I would walk in the afternoons and on the elliptical in the evenings but it wasn’t enough to burn the necessary calories or speed up my metabolism. Zumba is fun but I haven’t lost a single pound, I did however, twist my knee and realize that I’ve lost all of my rhythm!

I used Sensa, lost 10 lbs, put it back on, joined NutriSystem, lost 20 lbs, put it back on, cleansed with lemonade laced with cayenne pepper, went carb and sugar free – I hate the bathroom scale! I’ve gone to the doctor, had my thyroid checked, drink shots of ACV with water after each meal but the pounds refuse to leave.

I’ve tried eDiets, me diets, ABC diets with no success. To say it’s frustrating would be an understatement and I’m getting desperate to lose the “Menopause 20”, and refuse to give up the challenge!

menopause and weight gain

Medical reports state that weight gain during menopause is not uncommon or even my fault, that it’s hormonal and I need to increase the intensity of exercise, (where is Richard Simmons when you need him), and decrease the intake of certain foods and beverages. So no more Sriracha flavored chips and beer, Triscuits and Cabot cheese or Mexican and Chinese takeout, a sacrifice that I am willing to make.

Tomorrow I fill the grocery cart with lots of fresh fruits, veggies and fish in an attempt to rid myself of the Menopause 20 – wish me luck!

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Is weight loss a challenge for you, if so, what is your strategy?


  • You have me crying here!!! NOT THE CHIPS – NOooOOooo!

  • You are not alone. I haven’t given up, but I’m not driving myself crazy anymore. Just exercise and cut back like you said. This is crazy, I’m in my 4th year as well. I did want to try the Sriracha chips though, my daughter said they are delicious.

  • Just what I didn’t want to hear! I am my only living female relative to go through menopause naturally and am finding so many unknown to me things out…now you tell me I could gain 20 pounds?! It’s just not fair.

  • Nessa says:

    I feel ya on this one. I’ve exercised constantly for almost a year for at least an hour or more Monday-Friday. I released the first 20#s and haven’t budged with the exception of losing and gaining the same 1-5#s. We just got to hang in there and be more stubborn about giving up than the fat is about hanging on. Eventually the fat will fall because my grasp is firm on winning the challenge. You can do it!!!

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Yes, I believe but sometimes it can be so frustrating! I won’t give up especially now that the weather is warmer I’ll eat less and maybe lose a few pounds. Good luck on your journey and thanks for your comments, I am not alone!

      • Anny says:

        You are definitely not alone. But you may want a more extensive thyroid work up. It took a long time to get my thyroid dosage right and I’m much better now.

  • Neti says:

    Girl you are so speaking my language. Do not give up even though you look Fabulous. I need to lose 25 and bad knee is keeping me back but I am giving it time. We do best when we make small goals, so try for 10 then 5 and if needed 10 more. Enjoy your life.

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Oh no, having a bum knee makes it worse, I guess drinking more water and just adding light weights might be the best for you. Me, I need to get more exercise which is what hubby and I have been doing for the past two weeks. Enjoy your week and send us some sunshine!

  • T.O. Weller says:

    My weight definitely crept up with menopause + quitting smoking + living in a construction zone and drinking more wine with dinner to make it all look better.

    I took a break over the holidays, but I’m now back to monitoring my food intake and trying to shed a few pounds. First, I reduced the wine. Second, more fruit and veggies. Third, less carbs and more protein, especially at the beginning of the day. Protein fills you up and keeps your stomach busy.

    Lastly, it goes back to what my grandmother did … no fancy diets with fancy names … just this: count the calories. I determined my calorie intake for weight maintenance and then reduced it by 3500 calories/week (3500 calories=1 pound). If I get decent exercise, then I can add a glass of wine with dinner. 🙂 I’m losing 1 pound a week. Slow but sure!

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Yes, I quit smoking in 2009 and that was I think the beginning of a slower metabolism, but the wine doesn’t help. I am trying to eat my heaviest meals before 6, since I don’t get home until after 7. Sitting in a car for 3 hours a day doesn’t help either, but I am going to go slow and steady and like your grandma and mine said, “everything in moderation”.

  • It’s so hard to lose weight in menopause. I can’t give up white wine. Or chocolate. The struggle is real 🙂

  • I’m in my early 40s and am not quite in menopause yet, but I’ve noticed that I have put on weight as soon as I hit 30. I don’t like to exercise at all either because I’m just super lazy. But I have managed to lose the 20lbs I needed to by counting calories and using the Myfitnesspal app every single day. Over the holiday season I’ve managed to gain back 5lbs, (I’m only 5’0 so every pound shows on me). But I still log my calories everyday. I believe just the act of counting calories will help you lose weight. While I still have to lose those 5lbs I recently gained, I mostly work on maintaining my weight. This is another challenge in itself. I hope you find something that works for you!

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Thank you, getting home late and eating even later is one of my biggest obstacles, even if I try to eat light. As we age it does become more difficult because our metabolism slows which means we have to increase out exercise routines. Hubby and I are getting up earlier to work out before I head into work, this is the 2nd week so I hope to continue and not get discouraged.

  • Goddesslily says:

    Awww… you’re not alone. I’ve been journaling my weight loss on my Blog under Fitness if you want to take a look. All in all, I found out that I had to spend almost $500 to learn how to lose my weight. The 30-day sugar detox menu and counseling was $99, the 12-session personal gym trainer was $250 and the rest came from all the protein powders & energy supplements she recommended I buy (from a certain website where I used her code). It is hard, but I’m actually eating lots of carbs while limiting sugar, I try not to go over 25grm a day, I need the carbs for energy to get through my workouts…. good luck and you’ll have the body by summer!

  • Sonya K says:

    I’m reading The Hormone Cure Diet by Sarah Grotfried and it’s a good read so far. I have fibroids that have starting giving me some problems. So I’m trying to learn how to balance my hormones naturally and shrink my fibroids.

  • garym6059 says:

    Good luck is all I can say, I’m not even going to pretend I know what I’m talking about!

  • Well I am going through it early due to my surgical menopause that started in July.. and you prob read my BRCA 2 story before so I won’t rehash it but boy o boy is menopause fun! ( That was supposed to be funny) lol NOT. I am noticing my very high metabolism is GONE I tell ya. What do I do!!!!!!!!!!

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